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Welcome to the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability


23 January 1986
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Most people care about the environment but feel relatively powerless in the face of the large industries which are the main cause of most of our environmental problems. The Campaign for Integrated Sustainability was founded in August of 2008, our aim is to encourage government to adopt policies that at little inconvenience would make a huge difference to the sustainability of our society. We also share information with our members and incorporate their contributions.

While we value and encourage the valiant efforts of individuals to "live more green" and reduce their personal consumption, expecting them to single handedly tackle huge issues such as deforrestation, pollution, soil erosion, energy conservation and climate change while industry continues to operate irresponsibly is a bit like asking them to sweep the floor during a landslide. We have encouraged dozens of people, most for the first time, to write to their MPs about environmental issues and get the ball rolling. You could take action right now by signing our petition with parliament and posting the link in your journal so your friends have the option to follow: