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Welcome to the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability

CFIS on Colourful Radio TOMORROW (20/08/08)

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CFIS on Colourful Radio TOMORROW (20/08/08)

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The CFIS is to be reprisented tomorrow on Colourful Radio (digital0194 or www.colourfulradio.com) 9 and 10am GMT in a show hosted by Rosemary Laryea, please tune in if you can!

Antony, one of the admins of the CFIS has been invited to speak about recycling and the various barriers that seem to be obstructing the efforts of private individuals, to quote:

"We have been told that we must recycle or else, we have also been told that we should not overfill our bins or else, and we have been told that we can’t leave too many bags out for collection…..now we are been told that for health and safety reasons the bin men will not collect bags which they classify to be too heavy…"

Does this have a discouraging impact?

Other tagential issues will be discussed such as the role of the government and industry's share of the burden.

You can find Rosemary Laryea here: http://www.iamcolourful.com/radio/presenter/rosemary/

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